Out-park your way to a new 2015 Honda Fit

All the way back in January, our favorite automaker was pulling back the curtains on the highly-anticipated 2015 Honda Fit. As you may have gathered, the excitement was palpable here at DCH Gardena Honda.

On the off chance that you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, then Flula is here to give you that extra push.

As you'll see in the video below, Flula has been hitting the streets as part of the Honda Fit Challenge. He's been giving everyday drivers like yourselves the chance to win their very own 2015 Fit by seeing who's the best parallel parker of them all.  Never heard of Flula? Want to see how the challengers have been faring? Then go right ahead and hit play.

Or if you'd rather do some comparison shopping before next year's model arrives, your test drive awaits at our dealership here in Gardena, CA. Can't let Flula catch you by surprise, now.

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