Let the 2016 Honda Pilot steer you toward confident driving

How confident does your car make you feel? How confident are you in your car's abilities? How confident is your car in rain, in uphill traffic, in a tight parking situation? Confidence is key if you're going to make your way through the bustling Gardena, CA area, and if both you and your car are feeling less than self-assured on the road these days, maybe you would be better suited with something a bit more .... well-equipped, let's say.


The 2016 Honda Pilot is poised to assert itself no matter what's thrown its way, thanks to a plethora of advanced technology. Out of the box, the Pilot comes equipped with fancy features like Bluetooth connectivity and a rearview camera. Climb the trim ladder and you'll be looking at such high-tech amenities as an Intelligent Traction Management system, the Honda Lane Watch bling-spot camera, adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlight control and more.


You can watch the incredibly innovative 2016 Pilot do its incredibly innovative things in the quick clip below, or you can simply drop by the showroom here at DCH Gardena Honda for the keys to any of our new models and a test drive you won't soon forget.


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