Honda Acts on Interest in Pinterest

Like all the other social networking sites, auto manufacturers are starting to take notice of Pinterest. The site holds a larger marketing potential than any other platform, Facebook and Twitter included, due to the fact that its main premise revolves around sharing images, news, and other information that are to each individual user's liking. The potential to create to fans through existing ones is proving to be too much for Honda to resist as well, as the company recently launched a Pinterest page.

Of course, with so many companies joining the latest social media craze, Honda needs to find a way to stand out. And that's exactly what the company is doing by offering those who are most active on the site an incentive to take a "Pintermission."

Specifically, Honda has approached some of the most active users on Pinterest and gauged their interests, aspirations, and hobbies. They then proceeded to offer them $500 each to take a day off from pinning on their page, so that they can go out and actually do what they want.

The new campaign is inspired by another contest for the Honda CR-V entitled the Leap List. Akin to a short-term bucket list, Honda invited users to create a list of things they'd like to do enter for a chance to win a CR-V of their own. It's not a far stretch to see how Pinterest naturally lends itself here. As Lauren Ebner, assistant manager of social media at American Honda Motor Co. explains, Pinterest is "such a fast-growing social-media network and seemed like a really good, different, creative outlet for us and a chance to use a visual medium to promote our cars."1

In the end, DCH Gardena Honda, located at 15541 South Western Ave., still thinks the best visual way to truly appreciate the new Honda lineup is also a hands-on one. That would be taking the one you've been eyeing for a test drive. And you can do so simply by contacting us online or by phone at (877) 590-0001 today.

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