Honda N-One is Small on Size, Big on Style

Here in the United States and at DCH Gardena Honda, automotive consumers have access to the Honda Fit subcompact. Utilizing a unique cabin structure, the innovative auto provides plenty of interior space while remaining comparatively small in build.


Why do we say "comparatively"? Because compared to the new Honda N-One hatchback, the Fit looks like a giant.


Released into the Japanese market just a short time ago, the N-One microcar is perhaps one of the smallest in its segment. Designed as a modern version of the Honda 1967 N360 kei car yet outfitted in retro-style, the mini mobile machine is slated to easily gain popularity amongst city-dwellers.


Of course, a healthy dose of technology and upscale interior features don't hurt the model's reputation either. Built with a boxy, rectilinear shape, the N-One provides a total of four seats; two in the front and two in the back. Using Magic Seat technology, the engine is actually housed under the front while the rear seats are able to fold down for more cargo space. As for creature comforts and convenience, Honda has equipped the subcompact hatchback with smartphone-enable infotainment and navigation. Vehicle controls are also housed conveniently between the driver and front passenger.


Unfortunately for those microcar-lovers in Gardena, CA, the Honda N-One won't be arriving at DCH Gardena Honda anytime soon. However, we invite you to swing by and peruse our selection of other subcompact new Honda models including the stylish Honda Fit.


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