Honda Civic - Named 1 of 10 Best Green Cars of 2012 by KBB

If you're thinking of purchasing the Honda Civic for your next car, but need a last encouraging nudge to take it for a test drive, then you'll be happy to know that it has been named as one of Kelley Blue Book's 10 Best Green Cars of 2012.

Wait, wait, wait... Don't green cars tend to be limited to hybrids, plug-ins, and electric vehicles only? Not so. With its low price, the fuel-efficient 2012 Honda Civic tends to be cheaper in the long run than any mid-size hybrids offered by competing automakers. Furthermore, the Japanese automaker does offer other powertrain options within the Civic lineup. For instance, the Honda Civic Hybrid offers even better fuel economy, while the Honda Civic Natural Gas almost entirely eliminates emissions from the equation.

"The Civic has long been the vanilla ice cream of compact sedans; it's easy to fall back on due to its remarkable reliability and exceptional value," explain editors. "But for 2012, the Civic has evolved into more of a Neapolitan option as it presents a choice of three different engine types: gasoline, natural gas and hybrid gas/electric. Considering all of them achieve nearly 40 highway mpg or better, the Civic is an excellent choice no matter what flavor you pick."1

DCH Gardena Honda, conveniently located at 15541 South Western Ave. couldn't agree more with the decision to name the Civic one of the "10 Best Green Cars of 2012." And with that, we invite you to take it or any other new Honda you've been eyeing for a test drive today.

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