Honda Donates to Aid Little League Teams Affected by Sandy

About six months ago, one of the worst super storms in memory devastated hundreds of communities across the eastern seaboard, destroying homes, businesses, and vehicles, along with uprooting trees and power lines. As you Gardena area drivers are well aware, Honda is a company that often seeks to give back to the community, and here at DCH Gardena Honda, we're proud to report the brand will be maintaining that reputation.

As the official sponsor of Little League Baseball, one of the most storied and beloved pastimes in American culture, Honda was devastated to see the destruction of baseball fields on Staten Island, in particular. That's why the brand recently stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam, donating an incredible $50,000 toward repairing the fields, dugouts, and bleahcers in time for the 32-team league opening day this past Saturday, April 20th.

The brand also held several fundraising events to further increase community involvement and awareness of just how much Sandy truly did. One of which, a karaoke event dubbed "Sing Badly for a Good Cause: Car-e-oke" featured one of our favorite new Honda vehicles, the Honda Odyssey. For each participant, $50 was donated to the cause.

If you'd like to learn more, come see us here at 15541 South Western Ave. in Gardena, CA. We've got a fantastic selection of new and used Honda vehicles on offer, so stop by soon to go over our Honda loan or lease options.

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