Annual Report Highlights Honda's Environmental Considerations

Are you and eco-conscious consumer in the Torrance or Los Angeles areas? Then DCH Gardena Honda is here to tell you about some of our favorite Japanese automaker's impressive environmental practices. Resolving to do more than simply producing green new Honda models, the company also releases a report each year that details precisely how it's implemented new eco-practices.

Titled the 2012 North American Environmental Report, it highlights an impressive array of accomplishments. Let's look a little deeper into some of the statistics. First of all, since last year's report was published, overall fuel economy of the Honda fleet has been increased by 3.2-precent. That's a pretty good number to lead with.

Manufacturing processes were highlighted as well, and the company has improved in this department in several notable ways. When compared to numbers from a year ago, waste that is moved from manufacturing operations into landfills was reduced by 57-percent, and over 90-from the year before that. Vehicle carbon dioxide emissions have also been decreased , by about 2-percent.

Chief Operating Officer of Honda North America, Tetuso Iwamura says of the efforts, "At Honda, we have made the issues of greenhouse gas emissions and energy sustainability central pillars of our effort to create new value for our customers and society. This effort extends beyond our products to include all aspects of Honda business operations in the region, including the factories that build our cars, and the operations that support them in the marketplace."1

We hope this news as exciting to you as it is to us. Stay on top of more stories like this by reading our blog, and come see us soon at 15541 South Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90249.

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