Honda Fit EV in High Demand, Lower Leasing Option

What's better than driving an eco-friendly Honda Fit EV? Getting to do so at an affordable price, of course.

Honda announced that it will be lowering the leasing price of the vehicle, something we know all of our Honda customers will greatly appreciate. This offer is good for new and existing customers.

You can only imagine what that meant for Honda Fit sales. Yes, they went up. Well, they didn't just simply go "up". They skyrocketed.

One of the rumors that stemmed from this successful response was that the Honda Fit is sold out. Fortunately, reader, this is not the case. This is really a matter of inventory, which means that it will be replenished. Why would we want to inhibit more drivers from taking advantage from such a deal for both your wallet and the environment?

Now that we have that settled, we will say that if you're looking for a Fit right now, it might take some patience. First, make sure you stop into your local dealership such as DCH Gardena Honda and go through the lease qualification process. If you're past that point but there are no Honda Fit models available, then you will have the option of adding your name to the waiting list. There are just some things in this life worth waiting for.

In the meantime, feel free to stop into our Gardena, CA showroom and see all the new Honda models we have available like our original Honda Fit. We look forward to helping you!

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