Honda Extends Walking Assist Device Opportunities--100 Units Available to Lease

If you own or lease any of our Honda models, you're already aware of Honda's commitment to provide you with reliable, functional products. Maybe you know the benefits of the brand's satisfactory results from your Honda generator or lawnmower. It's all about making your life easier. Today, DCH Gardena Honda has great news for those who need some mobility assistance. Honda, also a robotics buff, is now in the beginning phase of leasing its Walking Assist Device.

It's hard to believe it's been over a decade when the company embarked on researching the product--1999 to be exact. Based on several studies of human walking behavior, Honda's managed to deliver a product that will completely alter some people's lives for the better. And just as a wise man consults with his council, Honda's worked with medical corporations, business and research institutions to get it right.

So, what's it look like, and what does it do?

Weighing in at 2.6 kg, the Walking Assist Device is a compact device is worn with a belt--so it's compatible for everyone.  A control computer triggers the motors based on reads from hip angle sensors while the user walks. From there, it works to carry the user's weight just enough to improve your posture and lengthen the user's strides.

Medical doctors, researchers, physical therapists, and those who use walking assistance devices praise the invention. Therefore, Honda is now letting more hospitals try the device. To start, they are permitting 100 units to be leased out. We're eager to hear the additional feedback.

Stick with our blog and you'll find out as soon as we do! If you want to learn more about the brand or check out what we have in the showroom, stop by our Gardena, CA location and have a chat with us!

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