1992 Honda Civic Pimped Out With Engravings by Dedicated Artist

We know hard work when we see it. Putting in 40 hours a day into the daily grind may bring the Average Joe into a well-deserved weekend, but we have to give the cake to a righteous dude named Shawn Lisjack. He spend 6,000 *we repeat* 6,000 hours engraving his entire 1992 Civic VX. That's dedication right there!

We admire the artist's imagination with what he could do with the exterior. To produce a dramatic canvas that lends itself to beautiful contrast, Lisjack had his Civic upgraded with carbon fibers, re-sprayed with a white primer, and then coated in black paint. Then he moved on to engrave the Japanese and other ancient design inspirations in white. Our thoughts from DCH Gardena Honda? Genius!

To give you more perspective with his labor, 6,000 hours equates to about 250 days. Take out any tiny--or necessary--distractions such as sleep, and that's what we're seeing here. You'll notice logos; Dremel and Monster Energy Drink to be exact. They sponsored this incredible project which, might we add, isn't complete. Lisjack will be adding color to almost everything on the car. Can you imagine how awesome that would look on any one of our new models like a CR-Z or an Accord?

"I wanted to create something that was truly unique and 'one of a kind' that the world has never seen before," Lisjack says.1 Mission accomplished.

Although we can't compete with Lisjack's cosmetic work, we can offer you the ride itself. Just stop by our Gardena, CA location, and we'll give you a great car to talk about. We love your company, so ask your questions, test our cars, or if you can't get to the showroom anytime soon, just contact us online!

Source: 1www.carthrottle.com/honda-civic-5000-hours-engraving-a-moving-masterpierce/
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