The Honda S660 Concept is an Exciting and Enigmatic Convertible Ready for the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is mere days away and here at DCH Gardena Honda we can't wait to see what our brand puts on display. Now, we'll admit it; we're pretty serious Honda-files, but even third party types in the industry are geared up for the Japanese automaker's contributions, namely the Honda S660 Concept.

We've seen a lot of new Honda models in our Gardena, CA showroom through the years, but our staff is striking out when it comes to developing a descriptor for this prototype. In fact, even the marketing team at Honda can't quite explain what it is, calling it "an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle," if that makes any sense to you.1 But here, let's break it down as best as we can.

First off, the two doors give it away; it's a coupe, ladies and gentlemen. It is also sporting a convertible hood, though we don't know if it will make use of a hard or soft top. It's definitely slighter than your average vehicle as it appears to be about 12 feet long. Under the hood? Well, that's anyone's guess, but fortunately we won't have to wait too long to get all the specs as the show starts on November 23.

Now, we're guessing you’re not going to fly all the way to Japan to keep up with the action, so we'll keep you up on the latest right here on our Honda blog. Add us to your RSS Feed today to stay current with the utmost ease.          


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