Watch a Driverless Honda Fit Park Itself

You might have heard of the many different technologies automakers such as Honda are putting into their cars to aid drivers. Systems like Parking Assist, back up cameras, and lane departure warnings are innovative ways to help drivers, and suggest that at some point in the future, our cars may be able to drive themselves. They're already able to park themselves.

At least, the Honda Fit can, with the aid of a new system under development by the automaker.

This system is more than a mere parking assist package. It effectively takes over the role of valet parking in lots with the technology installed, with minimum modification to the vehicle needed. The cars are able to park themselves.

Honda demonstrated this system in a video (which you can check out below, if you're interested), which shows two fits in a parking lot being watched over by cameras. These cameras are what guide the car from its designated drop off point into its parking space. It also shows what happens if an object--in this case, a ball--crosses behind it.

Although the system appears to work pretty well, Honda says it still has some challenges that it needs to overcome before it can look at implementation. Nonetheless, it has us pretty excited here at DCH Gardena Honda, and a firm step on the road to autonomous driving.

To learn more about the technologies Honda employs to keep drivers like you safe, feel free to give us a call, or drop by our dealership in Gardena, CA. Check out new Honda models with stellar safety ratings such as the Civic and Accord. We're sure you won't be let down!

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