Introducing the New Honda Design Concept: EXCITING H DESIGN!!!

With every new Honda model comes a special level of design--each emitting a special personality that our customers value.

Honda's done it again, and the Japanese automaker announced a new design concept DCH Gardena Honda would like to share with you today.

The concept we speak of is called "EXCITING H DESIGN!!!" The title seems a bit aggressive (yes, those exclamation points are intentional), but honestly, it's Honda--excitement is just part of the package.

Each exclamation point has a purpose. Each one stands for a design factor, meaning there are three main design factors in total.

The first design factor is called "High Tech." High tech, as it applies to exterior design, will give the front of each Honda a different, clean look. Dubbed "Solid Wing Face," Honda's "H" will find itself in the center front of the vehicle, and it will be smoothly complemented with the headlights and the front grille. As for the exterior design, High Tech will focus on "Advance Interface" to make advanced technologies easy to use for everyone.

The second design factor is called "High Tension. For the exterior design, this factor zooms in on building an "Athletic Form." In other words, the vehicle will have a well-toned body and proportions appealing to the eye. Inside the vehicle, High Tension will apply in creating a sporty "Personal Cockpit."

The third and final design factor is called "High Touch." On the exterior, this factor will shine using "Dramatic Surfacing" to evoke an emotional reaction from onlookers. For interior design Honda will emphasize "Craftmanship" with careful detail to which materials it uses.

The design concepts are being applied first to the Honda Fit and it will eventually be expanded to the rest of the lineup.

In the meantime, come see what interesting design features are available in the vehicles we have here in Gardena, CA. Stop in during our regular business hours, and we will be happy to assist you!

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