Honda Stands behind Initiatives of 'Dad's Doing Good'

There are many things in life that make us feel good, like owning a new Honda for instance. All of us here at DCH Gardena Honda also agree that a charitable effort done for the greater community is at the top of that feel-good list. Pair Honda and charity and you've got yourself quite a happy story. Honda's most recent deed is its partnership with National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) and Life of Dad (LoD), and it's one we'll sure you'll enjoy.

The campaign, named "Dad's Doing Good," includes videos showing dads creatively using the Honda Odyssey to help others. One of the videos features three dads loading up the Odyssey with baskets of books to surprise preschoolers with the books they love. Once they arrived at the school playground, they set up a small outdoor library, provided snacks and entertainment, and bonded with the children through a love of reading. All the books were donated to the school.

This is just piece of the pie to feed the larger effort of promoting fruitful relationships between fathers and children and get them involved in community service projects in Los Angeles.

"We are extremely grateful to the team at Honda, which has allowed us to utilize the 2014 Honda Odyssey in the support of such a great cause--assisting families and kids," explains Life of Dad Founder and CEO, Tom Riles. "Thanks to Honda, the National Fatherhood initiative and Life of Dad are able to share stories celebrating the good that dads do in communities across the country in a 'big way' furthering Honda's commitment to helping families and communities live better lives." 1

We're pretty impressed with these efforts, and we hope that this message reaches the masses in a big way. We invite you to subscribe to our blog to be in-the-know about all of the wonderful things Honda's doing. We're doing some great things here in Gardena, CA, too! Come check out the lineup, bring along any questions, and get ready for a test drive!


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