Honda Civic Type R Film Not for the Faint at Heart

A warning before we begin: The content featured below has received an 'R' rating. May not be suitable for all drivers, particularly individuals who do not seek thrill, excitement, or fulfillment in their life.

What you are about to see is the reveal of the Honda Civic Type R. The sixty second film titled Disruption personifies the new Civic through the images of wolves with glowing red eyes, a man smashing sculptures in an empty warehouse, several androgynous models, a woman in a Honda helmet with a samurai sword, and finally, the Civic Type R, fierce, almost fear invoking, and powerful among scenes of, well strange and seemingly violent characters.

What does this say about the ne Honda Civic Type R? The Civic Type R is born from Honda's racing spirit, having been called a "racing car of the road." Dramatic as the sixty second film, the Type R features wheel arches with vents, a rear wing with integrated LED brake lights, and a full-width diffuser. Twenty inch wheels set the Type R apart, as does its 2.0 liter turbocharged engine reaping 276bhp.

And now back to reality, for those of us interested in Honda not so we can fight ladies with samurai swords or face a pack of wolves, visit Fischer Honda  and see our inventory of the Honda Civic and Civic Hybrid today.

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