Four Decades of Innovation: Honda celebrates 40 years with the indomitable Accord!

We're having a pretty exciting week here at DCH Gardena Honda. Not only is Independence Day just a few short days away, but today marks a momentous occasion in Honda's history. It's the incomparable Honda Accord's 40th birthday!

Making it for four decades in the American automotive industry is no small feat. It takes innovation, massive amounts of design work, and the flexibility to constantly reinvent your vehicle, and Honda has always embodied those philosophies. In fact, the very first Honda Accord was a far cry from its current iteration, as it first rolled off the assembly line as a three-door subcompact hatchback, with a wheel base even smaller than that of the current generation Honda Fit. Yet despite its small yet functional form factor, it made a huge splash in the American auto industry at the time, delivering a smart, economical vehicle that still boasted a sporty silhouette and plenty of driving exhilaration.

The name "Accord" actually sprung from Honda's commitment to a better accord between its vehicles and society through innovation and advancing technology and since 1976, the Honda Accord has embodied that spirit through each of its successive iterations. So, if you'd like to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that's held the adoration of American drivers for the last 40 years, and will likely continue to do so for at least 40 more, visit us at DCH Gardena Honda to test drive the Honda Accord today!


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