Honda Measures Brand's Environmental Impact

Honda recently released the 12th annual North American Environmental Report (NAER), a document that serves to share how the brand’s efforts impact the planet and the environmental processes measured. Honda created its own Environmental Statement in 1992, serving as a leader in the automotive industry to make a commitment to protect the planet.

Some highlights from this year’s North American Environmental Report include:

  • New Honda vehicles bring about increases in fuel economy while reducing tailpipe emissions, with a decrease in CO2 emissions of 6.6% for Honda and Acura vehicles from the previous year
  • A decrease in overall waste, including a total landfill waste decrease of 92% from the baseline year of 2001 and the solid waste per vehicle produced dropped 4.9% from the previous year
  • The development of recycling programs for service parts, including wheels, engines, catalytic converters and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries

What does the brand plan for the future? Honda aims for increasing sales of electric or hybrid vehicles to two-thirds of its global sales by the year 2030 and even aims to halve its total company CO2 emissions levels by the year 2050, as measured against the fiscal year 2000 baseline.

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