Buying or Leasing? Figure Out the Best Way to Acquire Your New Honda

The models we offer at our Honda showroom are built to last, and offer accessible pricing, to boot. But that doesn’t mean that the question of buying or leasing isn’t on your mind. If you’re stuck trying to figure out which to choose, the answer may depend on your driving needs, and budget. Favor lower payments and don’t mind mileage restrictions? Leasing might be your ticket. For pride of ownership, a loan might be best.

It all boils down to what works best for you. If you favor switching cars frequently, or want to drive a more expensive model with more features, leasing makes a great option. Instead of your monthly payments reflecting the total MSRP plus interest, a lease agreement only takes into account residual value lost during the term of the agreement. For example, if a car has a $25,000 MSRP but will lost $10,000 of its value over three years, you pay for the sum of the latter, not the former.

But lease agreements also have their mileage limits and interest, and while you have the option to buy your model when it expires, what if you’ve already decided buying outright is better? Then a loan might be a better fit! With the help of our financing team, we can whittle away at the monthly payment, adjust the term, and find an arrangement that fits.

Want hands-on help deciding which is best? The sales representatives at our Honda dealership in Gardena, CA can help! Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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