Road Trip Safety and Alertness Tips

A road trip can be fun and exciting. It can also be expensive and unpleasant if proper planning isn't taken into consideration. DCH Gardena Honda has assisted many car owners throughout the Gardena, CA area in preparing for their road trip by doing any repairs or routine maintenance prior to the trip. These DIY tips can also save you time and money on costly out-of-town repairs should something go wrong:

  • Check all safety items like seat belts, airbags, horn, and car seat(s).
  • Check all fluids and top off if necessary.
  • Check all tires for balding, air pressure and the spare tire.
  • Check all lights and gauges.

Call our Honda service center in Gardena today to make an appointment. Our expert technicians will thoroughly diagnose, repair and perform any maintenance prior to departure. Safe driving, in combination with taking regularly-scheduled breaks, will not only keep you safe but alert this traveling season.

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