Inspect and Replace Tire Tread Before Trouble Arises

Don't make the mistake of waiting until your car is unable to stop to be concerned about tire tread issues. Now is the time to get to the dealership, like DCH Gardena Honda, to have the car tires inspected for any signs of trouble that could impact your ability to drive safely.

Although it might only appear like small tire wear, that bare spot on those tires can have a real impact in your ability to bring your vehicle to a stop at high speeds. As the tread wears, the distance the car travels before reaching a stop increases, a real problem if you need to try to avoid an accident. Cracks in the tire tread could be an indication that there is something going wrong with the tires or perhaps it could be faulty equipment that needs to be recalled before it leads to troubles on the road.

Visit our Gardena auto service center today to have a complete tire inspection.

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