Do Not Ignore Vehicle Warning Lights

Many drivers in Gardena, CA and beyond have seen a vehicle warning light appear on our dashboard and decided we would continue our journey before getting the issue checked. However, here at DCH Gardena Honda, we strongly recommend all residents monitor their vehicle warning lights and allow our technicians to assist whenever a light illuminates. Every vehicle warning light has its own meaning, and the meaning can range from a simple fluid fill to a more extensive correction.

You could see a light illuminate on your dashboard that warns of low coolant or a serious ESP fault warning. An ESP fault warning light illuminates when the traction control system has recorded a fault. Our team of technicians will use their professional tools to check the exact warning code produced when vehicle warning lights are illuminated and work diligently to find the root cause of the fault discovered. Many vehicle warning lights are a sign of problems needing immediate care from a professional technician to avoid lasting damage. Contact our Honda dealership in Gardena, CA to discuss the diagnostic equipment we use and schedule your service appointment.

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