When is it Time for an Ignition Service?

It is important to keep your vehicle’s ignition in superb condition because a fully functional ignition ensures your vehicle will perform at its optimal level. You can get routine vehicle inspections to keep your ignition running properly, and you should also be aware of warning signs that could mean there’s a problem with your ignition.

The most prevalent sign that your ignition is experiencing problems is when your car won’t start. There are many people who are under the assumption a vehicle that won’t start is because of a dead battery, but corrosion on the electrical unit can cause the ignition to prevent the car from starting. In addition, other problems to look out for include a key that will not turn when placed in the keyhole, engine stalling, and rough idling.

Be sure to have your ignition serviced by our Honda repair facility. Routine ignition inspections will prevent serious problems and increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

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