Should I Put Summer Tires on My Car?

There are many different types of tires that you can put on your car. Some will tell you that you should put summer tires on your vehicle instead of all-season tires. Others will say just the opposite. Summer tires have their advantages as do all-season tires.

All-season tires are a great choice no matter where you live, but they are an exceptionally good tire if you live where there is a lot of snow in the winter. These tires provide great traction, and they wear for a relatively long time. Summer tires are a good choice where the weather is warmer most of the year. These tires provide great traction and handling. This is especially true in rainy and wet conditions.

For all of your tire needs, contact the service department of DCH Gardena Honda. There are an assortment of tires available that are just right for your vehicle.



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