When is it Time to Check Your Brakes?

At some point, most drivers notice the first squeaking sound or slight vibration upon applying the brakes. It is tempting to brush these signs off as a car that is just getting older or justify procrastination on getting it checked out because of fear of the related costs. Let the DCH Gardena Honda service team help!

The problem with older vehicles that begin having signs of wearing brake systems is that minor nuisances, like squeaks and vibrations, will eventually lead to major safety concerns. Brake systems that are allowed to wear to the point that they are causing severe vibrations, grinding sounds or pulling to one side or the other are almost always a serious safety threat.

Brakes that have gotten to that point are liable to fail at any moment. It is better to get your brakes serviced early, while the risk to safety is still at a minimum. Come in to our dealership today, and let us run a complete check on your brakes. We'll let you know if it's time to replace your brakes or if you just need a simple repair.

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