Springs and Steel Keep You Safe

You may think of a slinky or the small metal cylinder inside of an ink pen when you hear the word spring. In reality you are not that far off when it comes to the suspension springs in your vehicle. They are just more robust and heavy-duty versions of the springs mentioned above. Properly operating suspension systems help keep you safe and comfortable, and here at DCH Gardena Honda, we can check to make sure your suspension is operating as it should.

When you hit a bump in the road or have to turn suddenly, your vehicle will want to continue in that direction; it is simple physics. The springs in your car's suspension system and the steel leafs help absorb this energy by compressing or flexing in response. This greatly reduces the amount of energy that reaches your vehicle.

A properly maintained suspension system can last a long time, and more importantly, keeps you safe. Bring your vehicle to our Honda service location in Gardena, CA for a suspension check today.

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