A Safe Method for Jump Starting a Car

You never want to be stuck in a parking lot with a car that won't start. Here is a guide from the DCH Gardena Honda service team to help you jump start a car with a dead battery:

  • Bring the two cars nose to nose, then turn off the engine.
  • Identify the positive and negative ends of the jumper cables, then place the positive to the positive on dead battery. Do the same with the good battery.
  • Now place the negative cable to the negative terminal on dead battery. Place the other negative to metal on the good car.
  • Have everyone stand clear, crank over the engine and leave it running two minutes to charge the battery.
  • Turn over the car with the dead battery, and leave it running.
  • Begin to remove the jumper cables in the opposite order. Negative and negative, then positive and positive, and set aside.
  • Close the two hoods, and keep the car running until you reach the service center.

Once started, come to our Honda service facility so our technicians can test the battery or replace it.

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