Learn How to Dispel Common Motor Oil Myths

If you are diligent about changing your motor oil, you’re a car owner who cares about your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are several motor oil myths many drivers still believe. If you fall in this category or have concerns, stop at our Gardena Honda service center and speak to our qualified staff.

Here are two common myths many drivers still believe:

  • MYTH - If the oil is black, it needs to be changed. The oil’s job is to lubricate and clean the engine. If it’s black, that means it’s doing its job. The deep color of the motor oil does not necessarily mean that it's time for a change.
  • MYTH - The oil filter doesn’t need to be changed every oil change. If the oil did its job, the filter will be dirty. Leaving it in will result in dirt and debris getting in the fresh oil and on the engine.

If you’re in need of an oil change or would like us to set up a schedule for your vehicle, come to our shop in Gardena, California or call for an appointment.

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