Always Having a Relaxing Ride Means Keeping Your Suspension in Tip-Top Shape

Your suspension is what keeps you comfortable when you are in the vehicle. It is also part of the handling system meaning that suspension parts are safety components. Checking struts, shocks, tie rods, ball joints, adjusting sleeves, and springs are necessary to ensure that your vehicle will react the way it is supposed to in slick conditions.

Traveling down a bumpy road or hitting the infamous pothole we all hate can wreak havoc on your suspension. When your steering wheel is no longer straight, or you have problems with the steering responding when you turn, then you should always have a mechanic check out the suspension. Your safety and the health of your vehicle depends on prompt repairs.

Please visit DCH Gardena Honda to find out if your suspension is sloppy. A comfortable ride around town is worth the trip. You should consider annual suspension checks as preventative maintenance for your vehicle.



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