The headlights on your car should light up the road so you can drive safely at night. If you are traveling in an area with limited visibility, you need your lights to function properly. You should not wait to service your lights until they go out when you are traveling down a dark road.

Most automotive experts recommend you change both headlights when one or both are starting to fade. On many car models, one bulb works for both low and high beams. Older car models use separate bulbs. If you are uncertain which type of headlights you should use, refer to your owner's manual. Headlights available today include halogen bulbs, Xenon/HID bulbs and LED bulbs.

If you think it is time to replace your headlights, schedule an appointment with one of our automotive technicians at DCH Gardena Honda. Our techs will inspect, repair, and if needed, replace your headlights to get you back on the road safely.



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