We at DCH Gardena Honda want out customers to drive safe and clean cars that they can feel proud of owning and driving. One of the ways you can have a vehicle worthy of your ownership is to keep it clean by washing it regularly.

It is common sense that a clean car will look newer and sport an overall better appearance. There are other benefits to washing and cleaning the vehicle inside and out. Regular washing and cleaning will get rid of germs, dust, and pollen that can cause disease and trigger allergies. Keep the car clean, and you will be a little healthier.

Another reason why you want to keep your car as clean as possible is that it improves fuel economy. Studies have shown that cleaner cars use as much as 10% less fuel than dirty ones. This is because dirt on the car creates a drag, which reduces the fuel economy of the vehicle. Keep the car clean to be healthier and have better gas mileage!



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