Safety Tips for Using a Roof Rack

Even if you have a vehicle that has a lot of storage volume or towing capacity, sometimes you need more room to travel, especially if you are traveling long distances with passengers in all rows. That's where a roof rack comes in handy. Luggage and other personal items can be easily stored up top.

Pay attention to the directions that come with your roof rack for securing it to your vehicle. Remember that you'll probably travel at a speed of at least 55 mph, so you don't want to risk the damage that could happen if it comes loose.

Select a waterproof box or bag in which to place your belongings. Place your rack or box on top of your vehicle before filling it. Secure the container firmly to the roof rack with at least four cam-buckle straps. Tighten all straps and double-check how secure your cargo is up top before you drive.


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