When it's working perfectly, most drivers don't spare much thought for their battery. It can quietly go about its job for years before an issue arises that causes it to malfunction. Being met with a dead battery unexpectedly can be a huge inconvenience, so keep up with its maintenance to reduce the likelihood of anything going awry.

There are a few things that can mimic the effects of a dead battery, so if you're having trouble turning over your engine, rule out a faulty alternator as the cause before the battery gets the blame. Clean corrosion from the battery's posts so that doesn't become a factor. Depending on the style, you might get a little more use out of an aging battery by topping up its liquid level with distilled water.

Visit our Honda dealership in Gardena, CA for expert advice from our onsite mechanics on the condition of your battery. We can give it a thorough inspection and help you in picking a new one if necessary.


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