It's important that you don't let yourself get overwhelmed with the process of buying a new vehicle. While the sticker price of some new cars might be shocking to you, there may be some room for negotiations. Don't immediately count out a vehicle that you think might be outside of your budget.

Talk to the representative that you're working with. See if there is any wiggle room on the price. You want to first negotiate that amount. When you have the actual price of the vehicle, talk about discounts or rebates that are currently being offered by the dealership or manufacturer. There may even be a loyalty discount if you are returning to this dealership from previous purchases.

Finally, you can talk about the price that you will be getting for your trade-in. Make sure you're getting what the vehicle is worth. If you're ready to explore our new Honda special offers, loan and lease specials, or other incentives, don't hesitate to stop by DCH Gardena Honda in Gardena, CA!


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