Here at DCH Gardena Honda, we find it important to inform you about your automobile's performance and terminology. So let's go over the differences between understeer and oversteer.

What Is Oversteer?

Oversteer is when the car steers more than the driver wanted it to. This is a common occurrence in front-wheel-drive cars.

What Is Understeer?

Understeer is when the car steers less than the driver wanted it to. Picture the wheels turned to one side, but the car is still moving straight. This commonly happens in cars that are front-wheel-drive.

Caused By Engine Power

Regardless of the car's drive system, whether it gets its power from the front or the rear, or both, oversteer and understeer are both byproducts of strong acceleration. Cars with strong motors often experience these phenomenons. To go for a test drive in an exceptional vehicle, visit our Honda dealership.



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