For a compact SUV revolution, you should hop into the versatile Honda CR-V. A grand sense of comfort is proffered by the unparalleled ingenuity that has practically become the automaker’s namesake. To be a reigning champion of driving in Gardena, all you need is one of these uniquely gorgeous rides.

Originality is the cornerstone of Honda’s lineup, so the Black Leather-Trimmed Interior is downright chic. The dashing arrangement will put your uniqueness on display to show off the full force of your unrestrained roadside attitude.

Meanwhile, the amazing Driver Information Interface will help you get seriously in tune with your vehicle. This dutiful system will intricately monitor your automobile’s functioning status while delivering turn-by-turn instructions. The driver attention monitor will also ensure that you stay wide awake on the road. To prove it, you can get hands-on experience during a test run with DCH Gardena Honda.


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