At DCH Gardena Honda, we want you to stay proud of the vehicle you purchased. That's why we've pieced together this quick guide for when you need to clean your vehicle quickly, but are running low on time.

Sack It!

Grab an old sack and start throwing any and everything in the bag. You may even wish to have two bags, one for trash and one for random items. No matter what you do with your stuff, just be sure you get it out of plain sight.

Wash It!

Grab a microfiber cloth and some lubricant and apply a quick coat before drying the vehicle to a shine with an old towel. Don't have lubricant? A good 'ole water hosing should be enough to loosen particles and stuck on dirt.

Shake It!

Grab your floor mats and shake them out over the bare ground. Don't forget your backseat floor mats!

You're Done!

Once you've completed these three tasks, you're finished! If you have extra time, go ahead and grab some glass cleaner to quickly wipe your windshield. Otherwise, you should be good to head out on the road.


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