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Important Uses For a Car Dash Cam

The different types of interesting technology that we have available today seems limitless. One important type of technology that has some important applications for your vehicle is the dash cam. If you install a dash cam in your vehicle, it can really help you out in some situations.

When an accident occurs, it is important to determine who is at fault in the accident. Sometimes, it is just one person's word against the other person's. With dash cam evidence, there is an objective piece of evidence to help determine fault. 

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Should I Put Summer Tires on My Car?

There are many different types of tires that you can put on your car. Some will tell you that you should put summer tires on your vehicle instead of all-season tires. Others will say just the opposite. Summer tires have their advantages as do all-season tires.

All-season tires are a great choice no matter where you live, but they are an exceptionally good tire if you live where there is a lot of snow in the winter. These tires provide great traction, and they wear for a relatively long time. 

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Clay Bar Treatment When Detailing: Is It Necessary?

Many people get their car detailed once or twice a year. This means that you clean the inside and outside with special tools, shampoos, and treatments, right? Well, one treatment that often gets overlooked but is pretty essential to the health of your car's paint is the clay bar. These bars include enzymes that help your car fight off the daily beating against its exterior paint.

What do we mean? Rust isn't the only thing that can attack your car. Brake dust, metal dust, pollutants, and chemicals often hit your car up throughout the day, wearing down the…

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Why Using Car Covers are Important

The importance of using a car cover can not be understated. These are a few reasons you'll want to consider using the car cover more often.

Tree sap and bird droppings must be cleaned off the car surface immediately or they will start eating away at the clear finish on the paint of the car. By covering the vehicle with a car cover, you eliminate the chances of anything damaging the paint or reducing the value of the car. 

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How to Avoid Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents on the roadways today. At DCH Gardena Honda, we want you to be safe when you are out on the road. When you are driving, it's important to follow some basic tips in order to drive with less distraction.

If you use your cell phone frequently, put it in the car out of reach. One of the most distracting items to drivers now is the cell phone. Don't try to check email or answer a call when you are on the road. If you must use your phone, pull over…

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Tips on How to Judge a Test Drive

To judge the quality of any vehicle, you have to take it on a test drive. Here are some tips to help you get the most information from the ride.

When first getting in the vehicle, note how easy it is. You will be climbing in and out of it for some years to come, so it should be comfortable. Once inside, take a few minutes to study the dashboard, gears, lights, and wipers.

When you are ready to hit the road, do some freeway driving, stop-and-start traffic driving, and drive backwards. How does the car take corners, brake, and…

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Is it Time to Consider a New Honda Hatchback?

Many vehicles come with the option for a hatchback on the rear of the vehicle. For some makes and models, this is a standard feature. While there is nothing wrong with a standard rear door, a hatchback provides a lot of great features, such as:

  • The option to open up your trunk and tailgate if you would like.
  • You can often get to the third row seating through the tailgate of your vehicle. 
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Vehicle Battery Testing for Beginners

Although batteries are designed to last a designated number of months or years, they may fail due to extreme weather temperatures and conditions. Signs might include malfunctioning electronic equipment or dimmed dashboard and headlights. When the battery charge seems to be dropping, testing the part is a sure fire way to determine if replacement is necessary.

Here's how you can test your battery safely at home. Make sure the vehicle and all electronic components are turned off. Attach the red positive voltmeter lead to the positive battery post. 

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Learn How to Dispel Common Motor Oil Myths

If you are diligent about changing your motor oil, you’re a car owner who cares about your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are several motor oil myths many drivers still believe. If you fall in this category or have concerns, stop at our Gardena Honda service center and speak to our qualified staff.

Here are two common myths many drivers still believe:

  • MYTH - If the oil is black, it needs to be changed. The oil’s job is to lubricate and clean the engine. If it’s black, that means it’s doing its job. The deep color of the motor…
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When is it Time for an Ignition Service?

It is important to keep your vehicle’s ignition in superb condition because a fully functional ignition ensures your vehicle will perform at its optimal level. You can get routine vehicle inspections to keep your ignition running properly, and you should also be aware of warning signs that could mean there’s a problem with your ignition.

The most prevalent sign that your ignition is experiencing problems is when your car won’t start. 

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