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Honda Measures Brand's Environmental Impact

Honda recently released the 12th annual North American Environmental Report (NAER), a document that serves to share how the brand’s efforts impact the planet and the environmental processes measured. Honda created its own Environmental Statement in 1992, serving as a leader in the automotive industry.

Some highlights from this year’s North American Environmental Report include:

  • New Honda vehicles bring about increases in fuel economy while reducing tailpipe emissions, with a decrease in CO2 emissions of 6.6% for Honda and Acura vehicles from the previous year
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Honda poised to shift the paradigm of the fuel cell vehicle market with Clarity Series

Fuel cell vehicles are by no means new in the auto industry, but they've never been widely adopted or accepted. Yet now as eco-friendly vehicles are taking up more and more of the market share, fuel cell vehicles are coming back into the spotlight, as they emit no greenhouse gasses, only water. This year, Honda aims to revolutionize the industry with its upcoming 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is a remarkable vehicle. Honda has had a couple generations to create an efficient and innovative version of this vehicle, and now it seems poised to sweep the…

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New Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan to Make U.S. Debut in New York

The 2016 New York International Auto Show kicks off this Wednesday, and this morning Honda issued a press release announcing an exciting arrival for the occasion. Featuring the most available technology available in a fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the all-new U.S. spec Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan will go on sale in select markets before the end of the year...


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Green Car Batteries to Get Even Greener

Many of you out there in the Gardena area are Honda fans that prioritize protecting the environment with your automobiles. If that's the case, you're probably already well-aware that we have a plethora of green-friendly options in our lineup of new Honda vehicles here at 15541 South Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90249. Recently, we were thrilled to hear that Honda is taking the next step in ensuring it's hybrid models are as...

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New Honda Accord Plug-In Supports Sustainability

As we learn more and more about what we can do in the automotive industry to help protect our beautiful planet, car producers are stepping up to make their practices more sustainable. Many times, this means developing hybrid models, and Honda has made great strides in this particular area of development. And even though there is a long road ahead in terms of adequately reducing emissions in the lineup of new Honda vehicles, we're...

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Annual Report Highlights Honda's Environmental Considerations

Are you and eco-conscious consumer in the Torrance or Los Angeles areas? Then DCH Garden Honda is here to tell you about some of our favorite Japanese automaker's impressive environmental practices. Resolving to do more than just producing green new Honda models, the company also releases a report each year that details precisely how it's implemented new eco-practices.
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DCH Gardena Honda Now Offering Fuel Card with Purchase of Civic Natural Gas

DCH Gardena Honda is now offering   A LOT of free gas with the purchase of the 2012 Civic Natural Gas. Honda and Clean Energy, a compressed natural gas supplier, are partnering to offer buyers of 2012 Civic CNGs a $3,000 fuel card.  

Clean Energy is America's largest owner of public CNG fueling stations. The debit card can be used at 40 Clean Energy stations in Southern California and the company's other 160 stations nationwide. The Civic CNG is the only factory-built natural-gas-powered sedan in the U.S. According to Honda, it can be refueled in a matter…

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How to Properly Diagnose a Brake Problem

Check out this great article I found on, about diagnosing brake problems:
As any thinking adult knows, automobile brake problems are among the
most important of factors to be considered when you are driving a car. Once an
accident has occurred because of faulty brakes it is too late to begin looking
for brake defects that might have caused the accident. The best time to look for
potential brake problems is when you…
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Honda CR-Z Breaks the Hybrid Mold

At first glance you may not realize it, but the 2012 Honda CR-Z, is a hybrid model. Think it looks a little too sporty to fit the build? That's because it's what Honda refers to as a sport hybrid coupe. And they're not just describing it that way because of its edgy and daring looks. Honda has packed quite a bit under the hood of this fierce two-seater.

2012 Honda CR-Z At…

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