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Compare FWD and RWD Vehicles

One of the decisions that you'll need to weigh when buying a new car is whether you'll prefer a front-wheel-drive vs rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Our team at DCH Gardena Honda wants to help you make an informed decision.

Power from the engine is sent to the solid rear axle in rear-wheel-drive cars. Rear-wheel-drive cars tend to have better handling. The main drawback of rear-wheel-drive is traction, especially in rain or snow. In front wheel drive, power is sent to the front wheels. The weight of the engine over the front wheels gives front-wheel-drive cars better traction. 

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New Honda Fit Sport Trim Refined Coming to DCH Gardena Honda

The 2018 Honda Fit Sport Trim has gotten multiple aesthetic updates from the base model Honda Fit. A sleek two tone grill, black lower and chrome upper, and a lower lip with an exclusive sport trim orange accent line gives an aggressive look to the new front end.

Other aesthetic updates include.

  • Two tone grill with black lower and chrome upper
  • Lower lip with orange accent line unique to sports trim
  • Honda Factory Performance (HFP) 16 inch black alloy wheels with two orange accent lines
  • Two new colors: Orange Fury and Helios Yellow Pearl
  • Diffuser with orange accent line
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2017 Honda Ridgeline Gains Recognition

After being fully redesigned, the new Honda Ridgeline has received many awards for the 2017 model year. Focusing on you as the driver, the Honda Ridgeline was built for functionality and comfort.

The new Honda Ridgeline sports many unique features including a "trunk" under the cargo bed and dual hinged tailgate that can open down or from the side, lead to the pickup claiming the 2017 North American Truck of the Year award. Honda engineered the Ridgeline to offer drivers pickup capability without sacrificing ride quality, with an available i-VTM4 AWD system


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Yet Another Record Hit for the New Honda CR-V

This year has been a very productive one for the new Honda CR-V. According to the latest press release on the company's official news blog, the new CR-V earned a "second consecutive all-time sales record." It topped more than 30,000 sales which makes it one of the brand's best-selling models next to the Civic and the Accord. This figure is a 5 percent increase and highlights how the CR-V is continuing its ascent to the top of the market.

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Explore the Multifaceted Success of the 2017 Honda Fit

Are you searching for an energized new Honda model that can satisfy a diverse array of needs, all within the frame of a 5-door hatchback? The best vehicle for you is the new 2017 Honda Fit, which has begun to arrive en masse at our Gardena, CA showroom here at DCH Gardena Honda. Ingrained with a stylized exterior expression, enhanced by the chiseled curves along the side and the sleek slants from the front end, this latest take on the Honda Fit is designed to garner attention while taking command of city streets.

With a passenger volume that's proudly…

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Four Decades of Innovation: Honda celebrates 40 years with the indomitable Accord!

We're having a pretty exciting week here at DCH Gardena Honda. Not only is Independence Day just a few short days away, but today marks a momentous occasion in Honda's history. It's the incomparable Honda Accord's 40th birthday!

Making it for four decades in the American automotive industry is no small feat. It takes innovation, massive amounts of design work, and the flexibility to constantly reinvent your vehicle, and Honda has always embodied those philosophies. 


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