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Should I Put Summer Tires on My Car?

There are many different types of tires that you can put on your car. Some will tell you that you should put summer tires on your vehicle instead of all-season tires. Others will say just the opposite. Summer tires have their advantages as do all-season tires.

All-season tires are a great choice no matter where you live, but they are an exceptionally good tire if you live where there is a lot of snow in the winter. These tires provide great traction, and they wear for a relatively long time. 

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Why Using Car Covers are Important

The importance of using a car cover can not be understated. These are a few reasons you'll want to consider using the car cover more often.

Tree sap and bird droppings must be cleaned off the car surface immediately or they will start eating away at the clear finish on the paint of the car. By covering the vehicle with a car cover, you eliminate the chances of anything damaging the paint or reducing the value of the car. 

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How Does Horsepower Work?

Horsepower is the amount of "work" that is completed over a period of time. This "work" is the rate that mechanical energy is expended while driving, pertaining to cars. The rate of horsepower is 33,000 lb.ft./minute. Horsepower is normally used to describe energy with things in the mechanical category.


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Inspect and Replace Tire Tread Before Trouble Arises

Don't make the mistake of waiting until your car is unable to stop to be concerned about tire tread issues. Now is the time to get to the dealership, like DCH Gardena Honda, to have the car tires inspected for any signs of trouble that could impact your ability to drive safely.

Although it might only appear like small tire wear, that bare spot on those tires can have a real impact in your ability to bring your vehicle to a stop at high speeds. As the tread wears, the distance the car travels before reaching a stop increases…

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What Makes Genuine Replacement Parts More Reliable?

The parts that you are using on your vehicle will have a huge impact on how the car drives and how much it will cost you to keep it running. Don't waste money on inferior parts at the discount parts store when you could get the original replacement parts from our team at DCH Gardena Honda instead.

The simple fact is that not all of those aftermarket parts you find for your vehicle are manufactured the same. Usually the cheaper the part, the sooner it will fail. Getting the OEM approved parts from the dealer ensures your money is…

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Green Car Batteries to Get Even Greener

Many of you out there in the Gardena area are Honda fans that prioritize protecting the environment with your automobiles. If that's the case, you're probably already well-aware that we have a plethora of green-friendly options in our lineup of new Honda vehicles here at 15541 South Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90249. Recently, we were thrilled to hear that Honda is taking the next step in ensuring it's hybrid models are as...

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Internet Sales Manager- Fernando Padilla

Fernando Padilla is a valued member of the DCH Gardena Honda team of mature & professional sales people. Fernando has centered himself on achieving excellence. And day in, day out, Fernando strives to achieve it.

He grew up in Covina, CA. And graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a BS in Computer science.

Fernando believes strongly in what he sells - you'll see him driving his own 2012 Civic EX-which he drives for its awesome…

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How to Properly Diagnose a Brake Problem

Check out this great article I found on, about diagnosing brake problems:
As any thinking adult knows, automobile brake problems are among the
most important of factors to be considered when you are driving a car. Once an
accident has occurred because of faulty brakes it is too late to begin looking
for brake defects that might have caused the accident. The best time to look for
potential brake problems is when you…
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