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2017 Honda Ridgeline Gains Recognition

After being fully redesigned, the new Honda Ridgeline has received many awards for the 2017 model year. Focusing on you as the driver, the Honda Ridgeline was built for functionality and comfort.

The new Honda Ridgeline sports many unique features including a "trunk" under the cargo bed and dual hinged tailgate that can open down or from the side, lead to the pickup claiming the 2017 North American Truck of the Year award. Honda engineered the Ridgeline to offer drivers pickup capability without sacrificing ride quality, with an available i-VTM4 AWD system


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The 2016 Honda HR-V is Filled with Magic

If you're looking to bring a little magic to the road, Honda's new crossover might be just the vehicle that can help you do so. Beneath the sleek exterior of the 2016 Honda CH-V is a spacious cabin filled with 55.8 cubic feet of cargo space. With versatile seating for up five people, and three different interior configurations to work with, it's no wonder Honda calls them magic seats.

Just how spacious is the HR-V? We figured it would be best if you could see for yourself that bikes and topiary plants can actually fit inside…

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Let the 2016 Honda Pilot steer you toward confident driving

How confident does your car make you feel? How confident are you in your car's abilities? How confident is your car in rain, in uphill traffic, in a tight parking situation? Confidence is key if you're going to make your way through the bustling Gardena, CA area, and if both you and your car are feeling less than self-assured on the road these days, maybe you would be better suited with something a bit more .... well-equipped, let's say.


The 2016 Honda Pilot is poised to assert itself no matter what's thrown its way, thanks to a…

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Honda Gives Santa a More Reliable Sleigh

Our story begins in Santa's sleigh somewhere up in the North Pole, where one day before December 24, Santa took his sleigh and his reindeer out for a test run, and the inevitable happened. Santa's sleigh, which had served him well for decades, took its last flight. Being Santa, Mr. Claus did not let this diminish his good cheer. Instead, he headed straight for the Honda car factory. Let's see where his…

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Honda Civic Type R Film Not for the Faint at Heart

A warning before we begin: The content featured below has received an 'R' rating. May not be suitable for all drivers, particularly individuals who do not seek thrill, excitement, or fulfillment in their life.

What you are about to see is the reveal of the Honda Civic Type R. The sixty second film titled Disruption personifies the new Civic through the images of wolves with glowing red eyes, a man smashing sculptures in an empty…

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Honda Link Provides Bluetooth, Hands-Free Phone Access for Drivers

Drivers today are more connected than ever before, and oftentimes, we simply need to stay connected with our business or family while on the road. So with that in mind, we here at DCH Gardena Honda in Gardena, CA are very happy to report on a great feature included in many of the upcoming 2014 Honda new model lineup members, and that is the innovative and convenience-providing Honda Link system. The Bluetooth and information/entertainment…

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Green Car Batteries to Get Even Greener

Many of you out there in the Gardena area are Honda fans that prioritize protecting the environment with your automobiles. If that's the case, you're probably already well-aware that we have a plethora of green-friendly options in our lineup of new Honda vehicles here at 15541 South Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90249. Recently, we were thrilled to hear that Honda is taking the next step in ensuring it's hybrid models are as...

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Siri Making its way into Honda Vehicles

Like it or not, technology is becoming an even more pervasive part of day to day life in the 21st century. Speaking of computer power, we're pretty excited here at DCH Gardena Honda to announce that the ever-popular Apple voice command system known as "Siri" will be the next tech advance to be featured in new Honda vehicles like those available at 15541 South Weston Ave. Gardena, CA 90249.

The Japanese automaker is...

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DCH Gardena Honda Takes a Closer Look at the 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline is available for a test drive at DCH Gardena Honda, and it's looking better than ever. Going into the 2012 model year, Honda has added a few enhancements to their lone pickup offering, as well as an all-new trim level that's sure to turn a few heads.

The 2012 Ridgeline Sport is a new variant from Honda that fits in perfectly with its sibling RT, RTS, and RTL models…

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