How the Honda HR-V Turns Heads in Gardena

In a world where so many vehicles look the same, the sporty Honda HR-V manages to have its own identity. From its sleek lines to its eye-catching colors, this SUV stands out from the pack. Anyone in Gardena who is looking for a new vehicle that has an exterior that is practical as well as attractive should see the HR-V.

What color matches your style? At DCH Gardena Honda, we want you to know that there are seven different paint options to choose from.

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Be Amazed: The Honda Passport Does It All!

The well-rounded Honda Passport is basically a jack of all trades. This rowdy SUV can seamlessly tackle a variety of automotive roles with its impressive emphasis on industrial dynamism. DCH Gardena Honda is extremely thrilled about the opportunity to show off this formidable ride’s legendary knack for intuitive versatility.

This fearlessly capable vehicular wonder demonstrates monumental performance specifications. A 280-horsepower V-6 engine delivers enormous energy and refined precision. 

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Can the Honda Ridgeline's Interior Features Improve Your Commutes?

Quality and performance collide with comfort and durability in the Honda Ridgeline, a midsize pickup with powerful oomph in a V6 engine, nine-speed automatic transmission, and 19.5-gallon fuel tank. The tires are rugged and all-terrain with 18-inch alloy rims and four-wheel disc brakes, offering hill hold control and brake assistance for safer, smoother stops. The interior system is equipped with cruise control and electric power assistance to sense and maintain your desired speeds.

The Honda Ridgeline’s interior features are comfy and extensive, with 

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Honda Accord Technology

The Honda Accord was crafted for optimal comfort. It also has technology that will help your ride go more smoothly. Additionally, the technology helps you stay connected. Everyone knows that it is not a good idea to use the phone while you are in the car for safety reasons. However, Apple CarPlay makes it possible for you to safely use your phone. You can use the audio display to get your text messages read to you. The Apple CarPlay also allows you to listen to music and get directions.

If you have an Android phone, then the Android Auto will…

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Let Tech Enhance Your Experience in the Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a crossover SUV that gives you sporty good looks and room for your gear. Beyond that, it also has technology integrated throughout the vehicle’s systems to enhance its performance, connectivity and safety.

  • Performance. When you’re driving on Gardena roads, you want traction and handling you can trust. Real Time AWD in the CR-V delivers. This system uses sensors in the rear axle to monitor traction and send power where it’s needed to keep you in control.
  • Connectivity. The CR-V can integrate with either your iPhone or Android smartphone. Just plug your phone in…
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How is The Honda Accord Exterior?

You can buy the Honda Accord in any of the nine colors Honda offers. The base trims are available in the following colors:

•    Modern Steel
•    Crystal Black
•    Platinum Pearl
•    Lunar Silver

Higher trims have additional color options including:

•    Obsidian Blue
•    Champagne Frost
•    Radiant Red Metallic

The Sports trim has more color options including all the above and the two below:

•    San Marino Red
•    Still Night Pearl

The colors show the mature nature of the Honda Accord while bringing out the beauty of the car.

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Honda Insight Overview

The new Honda Insight has a lot of features to check out. The car is in its perfect state to ensure that you get your daily morning commutes comfortably and in a suitable driving mode.
The insight has a welcoming interior, with a spacious cabin and impressive technology features. The new Insight interior features leather upholstery, spacious leg rooms and LATCH connectors on the rear seats.
Its technology features are user friendly and updated. Some of these features include;

  • Apple CarPlay
  • HD Radio
  • 8.0-inch touchscreen display
  • USB ports
  • Moonroof
  • WI-FI hot spot


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Learn More About the Importance of Car Alignments

DCH Gardena Honda wants every driver in Gardena to know how important vehicle alignments are. This type of maintenance is sometimes required to prevent problems with your car's tires or steering system.

Have you noticed that your car's tires wear unevenly? Do you sometimes notice your car drifting on its own? These can be signs that your car is in need of a vehicle alignment. An alignment refers to a necessary adjustment of the suspension on your car. The suspension is what creates the important connection between a car and its wheels.


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What Is Car Wax?

Car wax is a planned mix of waxes, solvents, and oils that can incorporate ethanol, unrefined petroleum distillates, mineral spirits, and petroleum oil. It is a natural or synthetic product designed to give a dainty layer of protection to the vehicle paint and include brilliance and sparkle body. A good wax will protect your vehicles paint from dampness, exceptional warmth, UV beams, and will help forestall oxidation measure.

Most vehicle waxes available today are a mixture of Natural carnauba wax blended in with beeswax, normal oils, and oil distillates.

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Simple Steps to Replace a Flat Tire

Flat tires aren't anything to let ruin your day. It's actually really simple to replace one yourself. It's likely that your vehicle came with adequate roadside assistance coverage, but you may find yourself in a pinch where you're on your own. Here's some helpful tips from DCH Gardena Honda to make the process more simple. 

-It's much simpler and safer to have your vehicle parked on a flat surface when changing your vehicle. 

-You'll have to remove the hub cap in order to gain access to the lug nuts on the tire.


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