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The Honda Ridgeline Adopts Traditional Stylish Cues

Indecisive buyers found comfort in the Honda’s approach to hefty hauling; its Honda Ridgeline blended characteristics of a pickup and a crossover. Its body cladding helped chisel it out a place in the truck segment for years, there appealing to this unique set of drivers. Now after taking a short hiatus, the Honda Ridgeline is back, only this time around it’s taken a more traditional approach to engineering.



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Honda Teases with Redesigned Ridgeline Sketch

Here at DCH Gardena Honda, we've had a soft spot for the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck ever since it came onto the automotive scene in the mid-2000s.  Since then, it's can-do capability and rugged good lucks have won customers over, both here in Gardena, CA and beyond.  It's had a stellar year, as sales for 2013 are up 29 percent so far, but Honda is about to make a good thing even better.

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DCH Gardena Honda Takes a Closer Look at the 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline is available for a test drive at DCH Gardena Honda, and it's looking better than ever. Going into the 2012 model year, Honda has added a few enhancements to their lone pickup offering, as well as an all-new trim level that's sure to turn a few heads.

The 2012 Ridgeline Sport is a new variant from Honda that fits in perfectly with its sibling RT, RTS, and RTL models…

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