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Vehicle Battery Testing for Beginners

Although batteries are designed to last a designated number of months or years, they may fail due to extreme weather temperatures and conditions. Signs might include malfunctioning electronic equipment or dimmed dashboard and headlights. When the battery charge seems to be dropping, testing the part is a sure fire way to determine if replacement is necessary.

Here's how you can test your battery safely at home. Make sure the vehicle and all electronic components are turned off. Attach the red positive voltmeter lead to the positive battery post. 

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Learn How to Dispel Common Motor Oil Myths

If you are diligent about changing your motor oil, you’re a car owner who cares about your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are several motor oil myths many drivers still believe. If you fall in this category or have concerns, stop at our Gardena Honda service center and speak to our qualified staff.

Here are two common myths many drivers still believe:

  • MYTH - If the oil is black, it needs to be changed. The oil’s job is to lubricate and clean the engine. If it’s black, that means it’s doing its job. The deep color of the motor…
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When is it Time for an Ignition Service?

It is important to keep your vehicle’s ignition in superb condition because a fully functional ignition ensures your vehicle will perform at its optimal level. You can get routine vehicle inspections to keep your ignition running properly, and you should also be aware of warning signs that could mean there’s a problem with your ignition.

The most prevalent sign that your ignition is experiencing problems is when your car won’t start. 

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A Safe Method for Jump Starting a Car

You never want to be stuck in a parking lot with a car that won't start. Here is a guide from the DCH Gardena Honda service team to help you jump start a car with a dead battery:

  • Bring the two cars nose to nose, then turn off the engine.
  • Identify the positive and negative ends of the jumper cables, then place the positive to the positive on dead battery. Do the same with the good battery.
  • Now place the negative cable to the negative terminal on dead battery. 
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Red Hot: Reasons Engines Overheat

As a car owner, you understand how important your engine is and how important it is to maintain and service your engine. To keep your engine running at its optimal level, it is important to make sure it is not overheating. Below are some reasons why an engine may overheat:

  • Cooling System Leak - In order to keep your car engine from becoming too hot, your engine has a cooling system that circulates coolant throughout the engine. Over time and due to use, the cooling system may become compromised. This could lead to a cooling leak, and without the coolant circulating…
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When is it Time to Check Your Brakes?

At some point, most drivers notice the first squeaking sound or slight vibration upon applying the brakes. It is tempting to brush these signs off as a car that is just getting older or justify procrastination on getting it checked out because of fear of the related costs. Let the DCH Gardena Honda service team help!

The problem with older vehicles that begin having signs of wearing brake systems is that minor nuisances, like squeaks and vibrations, will eventually lead to major safety concerns. 

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Springs and Steel Keep You Safe

You may think of a slinky or the small metal cylinder inside of an ink pen when you hear the word spring. In reality you are not that far off when it comes to the suspension springs in your vehicle. They are just more robust and heavy-duty versions of the springs mentioned above. Properly operating suspension systems help keep you safe and comfortable, and here at DCH Gardena Honda, we can check to make sure your suspension is operating as it should.

When you hit a bump in the road or have to turn suddenly, your vehicle will want to…

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Fill Up Your Gas Tank for Optimal Results

If you have ever been stranded after running your vehicle out of gas, then you know it can be quite a frustrating time. Now, imagine that you have run your car out of gas in the winter on a desolate stretch of highway. This situation has now gone from frustrating to dire. This is why we at DCH Gardena Honda are encouraging all of our loyal customers to make sure that they are prepared for whatever winter throws at them by visiting their local gas station or fuel center and filling up their gas tank regularly. 

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Schedule Routine Car Service Online

Scheduling your next vehicle maintenance appointment and other routine services is now more convenient at DCH Gardena Honda. We have an online service scheduler that provides you with options for the care needed, custom-built around your particular vehicle in use.

When using the online service scheduler you just have to provide your car's make, model, year and mileage and you're good to go. You can schedule for repairs and other urgent needs quickly. 

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Inspect and Replace Tire Tread Before Trouble Arises

Don't make the mistake of waiting until your car is unable to stop to be concerned about tire tread issues. Now is the time to get to the dealership, like DCH Gardena Honda, to have the car tires inspected for any signs of trouble that could impact your ability to drive safely.

Although it might only appear like small tire wear, that bare spot on those tires can have a real impact in your ability to bring your vehicle to a stop at high speeds. As the tread wears, the distance the car travels before reaching a stop increases…

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