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Honda Measures Brand's Environmental Impact

Honda recently released the 12th annual North American Environmental Report (NAER), a document that serves to share how the brand’s efforts impact the planet and the environmental processes measured. Honda created its own Environmental Statement in 1992, serving as a leader in the automotive industry.

Some highlights from this year’s North American Environmental Report include:

  • New Honda vehicles bring about increases in fuel economy while reducing tailpipe emissions, with a decrease in CO2 emissions of 6.6% for Honda and Acura vehicles from the previous year
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Amazing Honda Concept Cars

We were on a search to find some of Honda's most innovative concept cars, and here is what we found. 

The Honda FC Sport
The Honda FC Sport is definitely a new era of performance.The "FC" stands for "Fuel Cell" as in hydrogen fuel cell-the same technology powering the FCX Clarity. The FC Sport is part of future concept in which alternative fuel and zero emissions will rule the sports car world. 

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Honda CR-Z Breaks the Hybrid Mold

At first glance you may not realize it, but the 2012 Honda CR-Z, is a hybrid model. Think it looks a little too sporty to fit the build? That's because it's what Honda refers to as a sport hybrid coupe. And they're not just describing it that way because of its edgy and daring looks. Honda has packed quite a bit under the hood of this fierce two-seater.

2012 Honda CR-Z At…

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Honda Civic - Named 1 of 10 Best Green Cars of 2012 by KBB

If you're thinking of purchasing the Honda Civic for your next car, but need a last encouraging nudge to take it for a test drive, then you'll be happy to know that it has been named as one of Kelley Blue Book's 10 Best Green Cars of 2012.

Wait, wait, wait... Don't green cars tend to be limited to hybrids, plug-ins, and electric vehicles only? Not so. With its low price…

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