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Compare FWD and RWD Vehicles

One of the decisions that you'll need to weigh when buying a new car is whether you'll prefer a front-wheel-drive vs rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Our team at DCH Gardena Honda wants to help you make an informed decision.

Power from the engine is sent to the solid rear axle in rear-wheel-drive cars. Rear-wheel-drive cars tend to have better handling. The main drawback of rear-wheel-drive is traction, especially in rain or snow. In front wheel drive, power is sent to the front wheels. The weight of the engine over the front wheels gives front-wheel-drive cars better traction. 

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Honda Measures Brand's Environmental Impact

Honda recently released the 12th annual North American Environmental Report (NAER), a document that serves to share how the brand’s efforts impact the planet and the environmental processes measured. Honda created its own Environmental Statement in 1992, serving as a leader in the automotive industry.

Some highlights from this year’s North American Environmental Report include:

  • New Honda vehicles bring about increases in fuel economy while reducing tailpipe emissions, with a decrease in CO2 emissions of 6.6% for Honda and Acura vehicles from the previous year
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Honda Hits the Track...In a Lawn Mower

The Spa Francorchamps circuit in Belgium is one of the most legendary raceways in the world and has played host to some of the most remarkable vehicles ever manufactured.  Recently, Honda took to the track here to test the wits of its most recent machine, a machine unlike any other.

The Honda Mean Mower took to the track in Belgium with its world record power and unique capabilities.  The Spa Francorchamps probably has never seen...

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Brand-New Honda Fit Debuts in Detroit

Honda greatly excited those of us at DCH Gardena Honda when it unveiled its brand-new, next-gen Honda Fit, yesterday.

Using the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for its venue, Honda introduced the 2015 Fit which it has high hopes for, in terms of sales, in the future.

"The Honda Fit is a small car with big aspirations. Faster, more fuel-efficient and more fun, it's a subcompact with larger-than-life capabilities,"1 says John…

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The Honda S660 Concept is an Exciting and Enigmatic Convertible Ready for the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is mere days away and here at DCH Gardena Honda we can't wait to see what our brand puts on display. Now, we'll admit it; we're pretty serious Honda-files, but even third party types in the industry are geared up for the Japanese automaker's contributions, namely the Honda S660 Concept.

We've seen a lot of new Honda models in our Gardena, CA showroom through the years…

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