Expert Brake Installation & Repair
in Gardena, CA

Knowing that your brakes work gives you the confidence to roll down a steep hill and control your vehicle when you get going too fast. If your brakes fail, you could be faced with a bad situation that can get ugly quick. So to avoid any unnecessary roadblocks, the service experts at DCH Gardena Honda are here to talk to you about brakes!

Braking Components

Your brakes are actually composed of three different components that work together to help slow your vehicle down, including brake pads, brake calipers, and brake rotors. In addition to some brake hardware, your pads, rotors, and calipers must all be in good condition to effectively stop your vehicle. As you apply pressure on the brake pedal, fluid is pushed into the caliper, which pushes the brake pads firmly against both sides of the rotor. This ultimately stops your wheels from spinning.

Brake Warning Signs

If you are not confident about your brakes, it's important to look out for some of the popular warning signs that may indicate you need new brakes. First, listen for any loud or obnoxious screeching noises. This could be from your worn-down brake pads rubbing against the exterior of the metal rotor.

Second, press the pedal and check for brake pressure. Often times if you have a leak or air in the system, you'll feel the brake pedal soften up and go all the way to the floor.

Third, if you smell something burning near the wheel wells, it could be that your brakes are sticking, which indicates a bad potential caliper. Whatever the case may be, there are various ways to diagnose your brakes with just a quick look, feel, or smell.


Find Brake Services in Gardena at Our Service Center

Ensuring your brakes and its components are functional and working at their best is a must. Not only is it for your safety, but the safety of others, and it's a primary part of driving that you don't want to leave ignored. At DCH Gardena Honda, our service center offers brake services and maintenance for all drivers, and we invite you to schedule an appointment.

The Importance of Brake Services

You want functional brakes so you're able to stop when needed in any situation and be safe. We're able to assist you by making sure that all your brake parts are working. Whether it's the brake pads or the rotors, or inspecting all parts of the braking system, we're here to help. You usually need to have brake services when you hear a squeaking or squealing noise coming from your vehicle as you drive or brake, because that's a sign. So to is stopping power if it feels diminished. You should change your brake pads every 10,000 to 20,000 miles depending on how much you drive. With your rotors, generally they can last 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Of course, bring your vehicle in right away if you have braking issues.

Our team is able to diagnose and maintain your braking system. We'll get the right brakes pads and rotors for your vehicle using only the finest parts for Honda vehicles, and all makes and brands.

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We'd be happy to highlight the repairs you can find for your brakes at DCH Gardena Honda. Contact us or schedule a service appointment online to get started.