Honda Extended Warranty | Gardena, CA

Protect your Honda with a Honda Care Service Contract. A Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract is the closest thing to your original Honda 3 year/36,000 mile Manufacturer's Warranty. The Honda Care contract is backed by American Honda Motor Corporation.

What Types of Auto Warranties are there?
Roadside assistance and travel reimbursement plans can be offered as part of the extended auto warranty package. Some service contracts even offer free lodging and meals if your vehicle breaks down on a trip. Know all the details of your plan before you leave the dealership.

Powertrain Warranty

Covers the engine, transmission, and other parts of the drive-train (What is referred to as the powertrain) only, which is defined as the 29 parts of the vehicle through which oil flows. These are the parts least likely to fail.

Bumper to Bumper

Covers nearly all the mechanical systems of the vehicle, from front bumper to back bumper, except for those on the "exclusion list" -- parts that are NOT covered by the extended auto warranty. It is frequently easier for a customer to see a short list of items that are not covered and know that everything else is.

Component Warranty

Covers the major mechanical systems of the vehicle from mechanical breakdown and mechanical failure. If the part is not listed, it's not covered by the contract.

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